aka Jack

  • I live in Castelia City, Unova
  • My occupation is Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon.
  • I am a Pokemon master
  • DudeplaysDrew21

    The Captive Curse is a REALLY GREAT GAME!!! I'm not just saying this becuz it's new and exiting. It has mystery, and it has fun puzzles that aren't very hard, and I solved most of them without Arglefumph...Maybe dats a little sad...(ARGLEFUMPH ROKS!!!) So, The Captive Curse owners, how do YOU feel about The Captive Curse? OH!!! and also, how do you think Alibi in Ashes will be?

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  • DudeplaysDrew21


    June 11, 2011 by DudeplaysDrew21

    Nancy Drew Games Wiki isn't known by many, and their are only a very few pages. But with everyones help,(including mine, of course,) I believe that Nancy Drew fans far and wide would be happy to come here! SO, WHAT DO YOU SAY, NANCY DREWS? LETS MAKE THIS WIKI BE THE BEST IT CAN BE! PLEASE, IF YOU'RE A NANCY DREW FAN, OR KNOW ONE THAT IS, TELL EM' TO SIGN UP, START POSTING VIDS AND PICS AND OTHER STUFF! LET'S ALL DO A GOOD THING FOR THE MYSTERY SERIES WE KNOW AND LOVE!!!!! XD!!!!

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  • DudeplaysDrew21

    Hello, everyone!!! I have an announcement that Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse is coming THIS MONTH!!!! JUNE!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest all who truely love the Nancy Drew series should pre-order on the official Nancy Drew website cuz it comes with all sorts of cool bonus content and stuff, OH and sorry I dont know the specific date!

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