Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon is the thirteenth installment of the Nancy Drew PC game series.


Dear Hannah,

Here I am at the railroad station along with a handful of other detectives, about to board a train bound for who knows where!

The only person who know's where we're going is Lori Girard. That's the young woman who invited everyone. Actually, she didn't really invite me -- she invited Frank and Joe Hardy, and they invited me. And I've always wanted to join forces with the Hardy Boys.

I just hope this doesn't turn out to be another one of Lori's silly attempts to grab publicity. Some people can be a little too rich and a little too famous for their own good. Wish me luck!

Love, Nancy


Dear Hannah,

Some hostess Lori Girard turned out to be! When her father heard that she'd tried to seal me up in that mine, he cancelled all her credit cards and said that from now on Lori'll have to support herself. She has yet to stop crying.

Tino Balducci told reporters that he knew what Lori was up to all along and said he let Frank, Joe and me solve the case so we "amateurs" could enjoy "his" limelight.

Joe was just about to belt him when a big arguement broke out between John Grey and Charleena over whether John had really recorded Camlle's ghost. She started calling him a crackpot...Then he started calling her a hack, then -- well, let's just say that soon the press was no longer interested in what Tino had to say.

As for Jake Hurley, it turns out his letter from Abe Lincoln is worth a small fortune. Pretty ironic, huh. Jake spent his whole life searching for gold when all along he posessed something more valuable -- his uncanny knack for making friends.

Love, Nancy