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Jean-Michel Traquenard at Cafe Kiki.

Jean- Michel Traquenard (more commonly called Jean-Mi, by the fashion world,) is the ruler of the fashion universe. If he says a design is good, It'll be the rage for months, and if he says a design is hideous, that designer should consider himself off the market. His only appearence is Danger by Design.

About this characterEdit

Jean-Mi can change people's opinions on fashion with a snap of his fingers, and since he is so powerful, he is disliked and unpopular with some. He is what Dieter calls a "concieted Nichtsnutz." Jean Mi believes that fashion is a dog-eat-dog-world and that people should just deal with it.


  • In Sonny Joon's doodles, he compares Jean Mi's big bling necklace to Sinclair's tie from Secret of the Scarlet Hand, saying, "It's like Sinclair's tie all over again!"

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