• Hannah Gruen is Carson Drew's housekeeper. She can be called during some of Nancy's cases, but Message in a Haunted Mansion is the only one in where she will pick up. She is mentioned in many other cases and is like a mother to Nancy. She hasn't been physically seen in a computer game.
  • Personality: Hannah is a very caring, loving, understand person. Nancy thinks of Hannah more of a mother then a housekeeper. Hannah ofen fears that Nancy will be killed on her cases, and she keeps an eye on Nancy while Mr. Drew is away on bussiness. 
  • In the Haunted Carousel Hannah writes an email to Nancy saying that Togo, Nancy's dog, lost his favorite yellow squeky toy under the TV and is refusing to eat.
  • Appearance: Hannah has not appeared in any Nancy Drew game yet, but she is a phone character in Message in a Haunted Mansion.

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