Granny Puckets

Easy on the hot sauce, Bess.

Granny Pucket's Cajun Cookin' is a vending truck that sells Gumbo in New Orleans in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull. It has been a New Orleans Tradition Since 1957. It is the favorite food of Gilbert Buford, but Lamont Warrick (The current owner of Zeke's) doesn't handle it so well.


"Enjoy." "There ya go." "Eat up." "Know what you want yet?" "What'll be" -The waiter serving Bess.


Only the worker's stomach can be seen, but he seems to be Shorty, the cook from Secret of Shadow Ranch.

They sell "Granny's Seafood Gumbo" for $4.95 ... "Lucky Jack's Jambalaya" for $4.95 ... and "Granddad's Bowl O' Crawfish" for $6.95

You can add Inferno Hot sauce to your meal

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