Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is the 7th Nancy Drew game.
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

ND7 cover art

Plot "Ghost dogs" are attacking the citizens of around Moon Lake.

Sally McDonald, the owner of a gangster's old house from the 1920's, asks Nancy to come investigate the "ghost dogs" that haunt the area every time a new owner moves into that house.


Dear Ned

Remember Sally McDonald, the woman who took those photos that Dad has up in his office? Well, she just bought a house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. A gangster named Mickey Malone built it back in the '20's as his country getaway (we're talking major fixer-upper).

Anyway, last night Sally called and said she desperately needed my detective skills. She refused to say why over
the phone. Naturally, I said I'd drive to Moon Lake immediately.

But weird things started happening the moment I pulled up. First, this big tree fell down behind my car and has me
totally blocked in. And then I discovered that Sally's gone! She left a note that suggested something terrible happens here at night. She's supposed to call me from her car.

So, here I sit, writing to you while I wait for the phone to ring.It's nighttime, and although part of me is dying to know
what frightened Sally away, another part of me is starting to feel a little uneasy.

I'll let you know what happens.

Ever yours,


Dear Ned,

As soon as I got out of the tunnels (Emily had left a door open), I called the Sheriff. But when I led him back down the well to the room where I'd left her, she just sat there on the gold and refused to leave! He and his deputies finally got her out, but one of them said afterwards that if he had to choose between getting a bear away from her cub and getting Emily away from that gold, he'd pick the bear.

What's worse, by the time they took Emily away, the place was swarming with reporters from all over the country. The commotion has scared away every bird for miles. I'm pretty sure Red Knott would like to strangle me. On the other hand, when Ranger Akers found out that seven cars and two helicopters were ilegally parked on park property, and that he was going to get to ticket them, he was ecstatic.

Tucker Davis finally cleared away that dead tree, which means I'm free to drive home. Moon Lake is beautiful, but I've had enough wildlife for now. Which reminds me, did I mention that those four 'ghost dogs' are actually very sweet? They're so sweet in fact that Sally is seriously thinking about adopting them. How's that for irony!

Ever yours, Nancy


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